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Broker Referral Form

We always appreciate your referrals. Please complete the information below.

In consideration of the referral of the Client(s), Receiving Broker on behalf of themselves and the Receiving Brokerage Firm agrees that, in the event the Receiving Broker receives credit of a 20% referral fee for any commission on any transaction conducted by the Client(s) within 12 months, Referring Broker is entitled to a referral fee  of that portion of the commission received by Receiving Broker (minus any marketing costs incurred by Receiving Broker) for representing the Client(s). Receiving Broker will instruct Receiving Brokerage Firm to pay Referring Brokerage Firm the referral fee. Receiving Broker shall provide a completed W-9 upon request to the Referring Brokerage Firm. 

Thanks for submitting!

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