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Your vision, our expertise:
personalized solutions for 
tenants & buyers

Whether your company is a start-up, or established business, and considering buying or leasing a commercial property, we can advise you throughout the entire due diligence process. You will work with our trusted network of professionals that can assist you in a every phase of the transaction. Our team will ensure you make the most informed decision at each step prior, during, and after your purchase, sale, or lease transaction.


This phase is our opportunity to learn more about you, your business, and your future goals. By completing the form in the “New Clients” section, you can assist in expediting our consultation process.


Once we have determined that we can assist you, then we will set up a property search for any opportunities to tour. All opportunities are screened by our brokers first prior to sharing additional details with you as the client. Once we have narrowed down the property list, we will coordinate and conduct all property tours.


Once you feel comfortable in moving forward to lease or purchase a property, we then start negotiating deal terms such as price, terms, financing, buildout, and transition agreements.


Once a Letter of Intent or Contract has been executed, we then start our due diligence process which may include inspections, surveys, environmental reporting, lease and rent analysis, appraisals, and financing review. We will work with our preferred network of trusted professionals to get their expert opinion on all due diligence items as we worked toward win/win solutions in the process.


Even after you take possession or ownership of the property, we will continue to serve as your trusted advisor for any issues that may arise. Our goal is to continue to build a long-lasting relationship!

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