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Personalized solutions business owners from listing to closing

We leverage our marketing knowledge and technology platforms to provide the most competitive data to assist you in selling or leasing your commercial property. Not only will we list on multiple commercial multiple listing service platforms, we will also target market your property to potential buyers and/or tenants off-market as well. Our approach is to work collaboratively with you, as well as other brokers, to determine the best marketing and pricing strategy. Our approach will be personalized to your specific needs in the market. As part of our process, we will provide a full market analysis and all supplemental marketing information such as leasing, sales brochures and offering memorandums. 


This phase is our opportunity to learn more about you, your business, and your future goals. By completing the form in the “New Clients” section, you can assist in expediting our consultation process.


During this phase, will share with you our marketing analysis to determine an effective pricing strategy. We will also gather all due diligence documentation that would be needed for a prospective tenant or buyer and then create a marketing brochure. All marketing information would be added  on commercial real estate listing services and distributed to any off-market targeted clients or customers.


Once we start receiving qualified offers, we then start negotiating deal terms on your behalf such as price, term, financing, buildout, and transition agreements. 


Once a Letter of Intent or Contract has been executed, we will then oversee and assist with the due diligence process which may include inspections, surveys, environmental reporting, lease and rent analysis, appraisals, and financing review. We will continue to keep you updated during the process.


We will ensure a smooth transition with the new tenant or buyer and continue to be a resource for any challenges as they arise.

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